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Transit Enthusiast Extraordinaire!


The original Transit Site. Created in 1994. Interesting stufffor the Transit Enthusiast! Busses,[Streetcars], Badges,Patches & Buttons, and Tickets ! Linksto other transit sites and system information.

Bus photos, descriptions, logos and history.

Passes,tickets and transfers from different systems. Some with history and/or usage.

Cablecar Photo, information & links to streetcar sites.

A bit of info about the page author...

I currently collect Tokens,Hat Badges, Shoulder Patches, Bus and StreetcarPhotos, Model and Toy Busses, HO and N gauge Streetcars, and a few oddsand ends (such as a bus farebox, a streetcar passenger counter, a dog froma 'hound, a few Bus Stop signs, etc. I have driven transit coaches (Flxible New Look,Grumman Flxible 870, Jimmy Fishbowls, AMGenerals, Twin Coaches) and intercitycoaches (GMC 4104, 06, 07, 4905, MCI/TMC 5, 7,8,9,96A3, 102A3 102DL, Eagle05,10, 15, Prevost LeMirage, H3-45, VanHool and Setra). I want to drivea GMC Scenicruser, a Flxible Clipper and the Wilson Tours articulatedEagle.

2018 - I have retired after 45 years in transportation, the last 20 in Safety, Training and Compliance. To folks that have visited in the passtyou are aware that the page has been static. Now that I have some time, will work to refresh and, with some luck, keep current.

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Created 1994

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