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Pictured above - C&J Trailways #14, a MC-5c manufactured May 1980, Serial# S14820 Unit# 7745 (now Dartmouth Mini-Coach # 395). This was the first motorcoach in the Dartmouth fleet subsequent to the sale to Concord Trailways. I believe Concord Trailways (now Concord Coach) purchased Dartmouth Mini-coach in 1997. 395 has been replaced.

For those interested...

...a brief rundown of some of my favorite busses.

My first driving experience was in a 35 foot Jimmy Fishbowl. I suppose that, like most firsts that anyone experiences, I have a certain fondness for the Fishbowl. I am surprised at how easy it is to forget the rain pouring in around the windshield, the solar-oven-driver-area created by the large glass areas in the front of the bus, the etc etc etc etc etc . But, it is no surprise at all to remember the tremendous thrill I experienced the first time I occupied the driver seat and drove. I participated (and scored quite well) in my first Bus Rodeo while driving a Fishbowl. I met a lot of interesting people and friends while driving a Fishbowl. Found romance while driving a Fishbowl.

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Pictured above is a 1950 Twin Coach Articulated Model 585. Last in service as Omaha (Nebraska) Transit # 1315. This unique 58 passenger, 47 foot long bus "...comprises two bodies joined in the center". Unlike modern articulated busses, this coach was hinged for up and down bending rather than right and left bending. In order to turn a corner, the "...front and rear axles steer in concert"*. A model 585 was delivered to the Chicago Transit Authority with a option to aquire an additional 49. The bus never saw regular revenue service due to the inability to negotiate Chicago streets and traffic. Needless to say, the order was cancelled. Two propane engines drive the center axle. This coach is currently housed at the National Museum of Transport, St. Louis, MO. (*Catalog of Collections, National Museum of Transport, 1977)

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Pictured to the right is a Ft Wayne (Indiana) PTC "Jimmy Fishbowl". This photo was taken in 1977 and the bus pictured is only a couple of weeks old. This was one of 12 ordered.

Notice the Firestone Rubber bumper on the coach. This was the first of this style bumper on the Ft Wayne fleet. Prior to this there were a few coaches with rubbers bumpers consisting of a number of compartments filled with liquid.

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Terre Haute (Indiana) Mass Transit Blue Bird "City Bird". I recall the front door on these busses to be poorly designed. Frequently, when the driver moved the control lever to open the door... nothing immediately; then, with a rush of air, the door would slam open. More than once the glass in the door had to be replaced due to this erratic operation.

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Pictured to the left is Greater Lafayette (Indiana) Public Transportation Corporation's #112. This photo was taken in the Spring of 1978. Restoration and improvements were completed and a new coat of paint applied. One of the improvments was the installation of an air assisted power steering unit. This coach had previously seen service in Ft. Wayne, Ind., first in the colors of Ft. Wayne City Transit then in the colors of Ft. Wayne Public Transporation Corporation. The coach was assigned #112 when operated in Ft Wayne. It was aquired used by Ft Wayne.

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