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T O K E N S 

American Vecturist Association Seal

Thousands of different bus and streetcar tokens have been used or are being used in North America and the World. There is an association devoted to the hobby of transportation token collecting: the American Vecturist Association. (Vecturist is derived from the latin word "vectura" which meant "passage money" in the Roman vernacular.)

"The American Vecturist Association is an international non-profit society of collectors of transportation tokens. It publishes a monthly newsletter, THE FAREBOX, which is the world's only publication devoted exclusively to transportation tokens." (Quoted from About the American Vecturist Association as it appears on the membership application.)

Excerpts from various issues may be viewed by clicking here.

There is a comprehensive catalog of known tokens-The Atwood-Coffee Catalogue of United States and Canadian Transportation Tokens (Volume 1 is The Listing, Volume 2 is the History and Encyclopedia of Transportation Tokens, Volume 3 is the Pictorial Catalogue of Minor Die Varieties)

Membership is open to all interested persons of any age. The dues include the postage for shipping the monthly newsletter The Farebox. You can bring up a printable copy of the AVA Membership Application.

Fort Wayne (IN) Transit (IN 290C 16mm Bronze Catalog Value $.25)

An interesting story about Ohio 175 X

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