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volume 52 Number 12.................... December 1998.................... Our 618th Issue


The new listing from Tucson, AZ, is a special-use issue, such as shuttle rides to the university football stadium. The local authority will not sell us a sufficient supply for our New Issues Service.

Yuba-Sutter Transit operates two open-air trolley buses between downtown areas in Marysville and Yuba City from 11 am to 4 PM, Wed. thru Sat. Tokens are available from many business and professional sponsors. Initially the two colors were ordered so that they could track the number of riders in each direction. That idea has been abandoned. The N.I.S. will handle both issues, thanks to Bill Garrison.

The American National Bank woodnik of St. Petersburg, FL, has been known for many years but we never listed as we lacked source verification. C.R. Clark states he obtained one specimen from the bank after the token became obsolete and it was the only one they could find. Exact use of this token is not known.

The Kentucky pattern is like 510 AL, same die work, but different metal.

Traveling from Michigan to Ontario, the Blue Water Bridge toll is $1.50 (U.S.) or $2 (Canadian). From Ontario to Michigan it is $1.50 (U.S.) and $1.50 (Canadian). Tokens are sold on the Canadian side. Bill Garrison obtained a supply for the N.I.S.

Roger Bolz learned, quite by accident, that Kearney, NE, had a rubber-tired trolley operation that started Up this past summer and had issued a token. He has obtained a supply for the N.I.S.

Joe Radomski discovered the nine new listings from Rome, NY, this past summer and reported them to Bill Garrison. The local authority was reluctant to sort thru their supply of old and new listings, so he paid extra to have someone sort thru them. The 790 K L M N were in short supply, but the N.I.S. will handle the 790 0 P Q R S. Bill reports the 790 F, plus the 9 new listings, are used interchangeably.

Hy Vee recently opened a new food store in Lincoln, NE, and used the listed token for an amusement ride for kids held for the grand opening. Since this token is used for other store openings as well, we give it a non-local listing. Thanks to Roger, the N.I.S. will handle this token for its members.

A few months ago Bill Boncek reported a 23mm brass token: HUSTLEBUGGY, INC. / BETHEL, ALASKA (VAN BUS) // Goood For / One Fare.Phone calls to Alaska have thus far ascertained that this token is obsolete, but a former employee may have specimens. We thus await potential availability and more background information.

Mel Bernero reports obtaining a token like CA 745 Z, but solid anodized red, at the San Diego Transit Store. It was attached to a Christmas card, probably sold back in late 1997. Pattern or a listable regular listing? We'll check it out.

A working horsecar line is still operating in the Philippines on the island of Negros, some 20 miles north of Bacolod. A single horse pulls an 8-seat car used by villagers. Wouldn’t be nice if they used metal tokens?

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