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volume 52 Number 12............. December 1998.................... Our 618th Issue

January 12. It's taking time to get reorganized, in order to fill the void left by the death of Jim Hemphill. Along with this issue you will find a dues envelope for your convenience in paying your $20 annual dues for 1999. As reported previously, we had to raise dues to $20 because we were losing money at $15. For Canadian members it's $23, and for overseas members we had to make it $30 because of the exorbitant cost of mailing The Fare Box.

Ron Schwartz reports some good fortune: I would like to inform you that I have found a copy of PA 985 B from a local coin collector. I now have both PA 985 A and B in my collection.

We noted a few years back that several of OR 700 B were showing up. Probably the cat. value should be cut, but if you want one for $17.50 you can buy it from Bill Bogynska at 1762 Sunset Ave. - West Linn, OR 97068. Specify that you want the K.C.I.V. token, if you write for one.

Inside this issue is a full-page ad by Krause Publications. Accompanying the ad was a donation of $500 and a wonderful letter from AVA member Cliff Mishler, president of Krause Publications. It included: You are to be commended, You are a unique person within our realm. I'm not aware of any individual within our realm who has ever recorded a record for longevity as an editor that comes even remotely close to yours. I'm certain you’ve established a record that will prove to be as unapproachable as has been DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak in baseball! I never quite thought of it like that, and I'd even forgotten how the years have flown by. It has been 50 years since I became Editor of The Fare Box.

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